It was the year 2015.

We packed our experiences and our passion for our job and got on a journey from Turkey with a young team in 2015. We were excited.

We named our brand Unique Brands because our team, our customers, and our products were unique.

We were experienced in production and distribution. We were managing operations well and we loved to explore the world of design.

We improved ourselves in product design, collection creation, modeling, sample production, and distribution. We invested in R&D, expanded our team. We focused on freedom in design, quality in material, sustainability in production, flawless service in distribution, and reliability in service. We traveled the world, made connections with global brands, and realized innovative projects together.

We are always ready to go on new and long-lasting journeys with our customers.


What Makes Us Unique?

  • We have full knowledge of all the processes in the production of socks and accessories.
  • We are quality- and experience-oriented.
  • We have a skilled design team that has mastered the design trends and developments in user experience.
  • Thanks to our logistics capacity, we are rendering boundless distribution services.
  • We don't set a “Minimum Order Quantity” limit for our customers.
  • We generate sales and marketing ideas to strengthen the relationship between the brand and the consumer.
  • We protect our customers' brand values as if they are ours.
  • We monitor each and every step of the quality control process in detail, and make determinations and improvements accordingly.
  • We are available on our communication channels at all hours of the day.


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We have a collective soul.

There is nothing we cannot do together!

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We are creative.

We have an unlimited source of inspiration!

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We are reliable.

We are always engaged at work. We keep our promises.

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We are innovative.

We like making a difference.
We are not afraid of trying new things.

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We are well-disciplined.

We work diligently to maintain our quality standards.

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We are dynamic.

We make decisions fast and take immediate action.


As Unique Brands, we are aware of our responsibility for our planet.

We choose recyclable materials when designing indispensable products of everyday life, such as socks, scarfs, beanies, and underwear. Having a quality-oriented approach, we ensure the longevity of our products.

For the production of our designs, we work with production facilities that support the protection of the ecosystem and the natural resources while minimizing energy consumption.

From the choice of materials to packaging, we approach the design and production processes cautiously, aiming to be a model brand for the world in sustainability.

The certificates our producers possess: USGBC, LEED, GREEN

What does being a brand originating from Turkey mean to us?

  • It means we are in a country that is considered as the homeland of the textile.
  • We are in a place with quality yarn, master weavers and unique fabrics.
  • It means that we are in a multicultural country where people with different interests and lifestyles live together. We are intertwined with the trends in the world.
  • It means that we are in a country with a very special geographical location.
  • We are very close to everywhere in the world in every sense.
  • It means we are in a country with a large youth population. We have a full understanding of the insights and expectations of the new generation.
  • It means we are proud to have been born in this country. We would like to grow along with our country and make our country proud of our existence.