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Footgolf Partnership with Nico Garcia

As UniqueBrands, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with Nico Garcia to grow our support for Footgolf sport Worldwide.

Our support for the new and growing sport is not new. We partnered with Turkish FGSD (Footgolf Youth and Sports Association) and OldWolves team to create amazing performance socks and welcome kits. We are thrilled to see how this sport is growing and while doing so, our expertise in performance goods is helping the teams and players along the way.

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Nico Garcia is a perfect match for our vision since he is one the of best footgolfers in the World like we are in the performance goods sourcing industry. He will join us in our home country in March to participate in World Footgolf Cup.

on Footgolf and his partnership with us.

Peter Bowman

UB: Hey Nico, welcome aboard. Could you tell us a bit about your Footgolf journey?

Nico: Hello to all, to summarize I started Footgolf in 2010. I went because I like competitions and sports, so I found it very curious, and like most Argentineans, I love soccer and kicking the ball. So I knew I was going to fall in love.

UB: Great! We all know lovely Argentinean people adore soccer and some of the best players like Maradona and Messi are from there.

What about both challenges and entertaining parts of entering a new type of sport?

Nico: At the beginning, I had no sponsor support and my career depended on the results. Being away from family and friends is hard too.

I decided to bet on FootGolf and push myself to dedicate less time to my work, which was a risk. When you love something, is difficult to be logical

But that decision changed my life forever. I’ve been to around 40 countries doing what I love. I learned languages, I made friends all over the world. People who write to you and feel inspired by you. Is incredible. And after 12 years still playing at the top level I can’t believe it.

UB: That’s an incredible story and we believe that it’s only the beginning!

So could you tell us a bit about the equipment part? Performance products are essential for all types of professional players these days, how do these are affecting you in the pitch?

Nico: You can play with any equipment. But every detail makes a difference. That is why from the ball to the shoes, or your bag, you have to choose correctly. The quality of the clothes is essential, it allows you to play comfortably in any condition and at any temperature. This gives you better performances that you can see quickly.

UB: That’s what we know and believe. With our performance products, we believe you will be on the top for more years to come!

When we think about sponsorship like ours in a new sport type, what is the view from a player for Footgolf and its future?

Nico: FootGolf mixes an elite sport (golf) and the most popular in the world (soccer), which makes it attractive for sponsors from many different sectors. I see a future globally televised professional sport.

UB: Well, Nico; we are totally on the same page. As UniqueBrands, we are committed to supporting players like you on the pitch to grow Footgolf around the World and help players to be their best.

One last question, how do you feel about our partnership?

Nico: I’m committed to this sport and with my career. So I hope to have the best apparel for the footgolfer and bring UniqueBrands together to the number 1 position global clothes brand in FootGolf.

I am excited, I know this alliance will lead us to great things together and I believe that we will be together for a long time.

UB: We believe the same thing Nico and we know that we will be on the top for years!

Please accept our warm welcome to our brand and we look forward to bringing more trophies to your collection together.

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