We Show Team Spirit in Design

With our design team, we constantly follow the trends and search for application examples.

We make sure that the idea of design is suitable for our customer’s brand DNA.

We include our customers in every stage of design.

Following a design, we produce a sample, carry out performance and consumer testing on it. We form a research group, have our product tried out.

We Have No Limits in Supply and Production!

We can access raw materials from Turkey and from all over the world.

We perform sample production in-house.

With our entire supply network, including companies serving global brands, we can offer our customers quality alternatives in labels, prints, accessories and embroidery.

We are knowledgeable about the pricing policies of the factories and manufacturing companies that we work with and we can offer various different pricing options.

We don't limit the order quantity of our customers. We take orders from the lowest to the highest number and start producing.

We Are Strong in Distribution.

Thanks to our infrastructure in technology and experience, we can provide logistics services from our distribution center in Turkey to the whole world.

We can transport our products to country offices, retail stores and events of global brands.

We follow every step of distrubution and inform our customers about the process.

We Pinpoint in Marketing.

We care about the communication strategy and channel utilization.

We build a marketing strategy with the team of the brand we render service to.

We prepare all the communication materials at the physical sales point of the product.

We offer creative ideas and tactical solutions, special for marketing and sales channels.

We Take All Scenarios Into Account in Product Development.

As we carry out design and sample production at our own facilities, we evaluate all data and take the necessary actions immediately.

Within our processes, we use technologies that will contribute to our product development.

We have our products tried out by the suitable target audience and execute performance testing.

If You Need Consultancy, We Share Our Experiences.

We believe that a product that is released to the market under the name of a brand reflects the brand itself.

We share all our experiences in design and production processes of the product with the brands.

We walk side by side with our customers from the idea phase to design and from production to marketing.