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5 Essential Steps to Successful Apparel Sourcing

Successful apparel sourcing is important for a sustainable and profitable business. As Unique Brands we partner with great companies that care about this process so we generated a list for your sourcing needs.

As Unique Brands we are providing the clothes of players in the tournament as well as we are a special provider of the Old Wolves team which 2 of the senior players are representing Turkey in the Euro21 Footgolf Tournament.

We provide socks, shorts, shirts and hats for the players so that they can improve their games. Our performance clothing helps them to level up their performance in the tournament. Our commitment to helping emerging sports and players grows with this event and we will look forward to seeing helping different teams around the world.

Step 1 – Preparing for the Sourcing

Before you go online and search for sourcing companies for clothing, accessories or any apparel products; prepare your go-to-market strategy and high-level plan. When you receive your products this will help you to easily scale your business and understand any problems in the process.

Step 2 – Developing a Pricing Strategy for the Sourcing

Unique Brands we are helping our customers for their pricing models to grow their business. If you develop a good pricing strategy for your business (both for sourcing and sales) this will help you to understand your costs and profits. This way, you will be able to choose the best sourcing partner without any hesitation. Like our customers!

Step 3 – Implementing Merchandise Planning Strategies

You need to implement a good merchandising strategy for your brand. This will help you to forecast your future sales thus you will be able to easily source the products you need. At Unique Brands we help our partners for this implementation.

Step 4 – Creating a Budget for R&D

Apparel industry is titan and while you are creating revenue, you also need to create a budget for R&D. Discovering new products with better quality is important for your growth. Unique Brands is dedicated to improve your products quality with best-in-class manufacturing partners.


You can be either a small business or a big player in the industry but a plan for your business unit is a must. As Unique Brands we help our customers with our deep understanding of the industry and experience. If you are ready for the journey, send us a message!

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