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Be Your Style Be Unique Everyday

Unique Brands is a world-wide garment products supplier based in Turkey, one of the world’s leading country in textile manufacturing. Our company provides supply services for our customers with the best-quality socks, beanie, scarf and belt accessories. We combined our experience in manufacture, design, collection creation and logistics support to create a unique approach for our customer needs.

Every new project is a new journey for us. We are very careful on planning each step from fabric and design selection to safe delivery.

At vero eos et accusam

e are presenting our experience in manufacturing with a wide range of fabrics and astonishing design knowledge to our customers. Each of our products is being prototyped, discussed and designed with full transparency. We are aware of the importance of our products’ impact on people’s everyday life and we care.

Our mission is to form a better everyday life wearing products within the scope of innovative fabrics, groundbreaking designs, ecologically sustainable thinking and reliable communication. The creation process is the key point of our passion. That’s why, we don’t want you to limit your dreams with minimum order quantity. We are delicate while choosing the fabrics, because we know every product has different fields of use. We would like your customers to feel precious and comfortable while using your brand’s product.

World’s best athletes and players needs the best performing outfit for their top plays. Our performance sporting socks are tried and verified by the best in Wimbledon, World Cup and many more worldwide competitions.

We would like your customers to feel precious and comfortable while using your brand’s product.

Our company produces,

  • Mainly anti-bacterial socks, waterproof socks, dry-fit socks, bamboo
    socks, cotton socks, breathing socks, recycled socks, polyester socks
    with long, short and ankle angle length options,
  • Fashion sock collections designed with style,
  • Performance socks for players and athletes for each individual sport,
  • Also, accessories such as beanie, belt and scarf made of silk, wool,
    cotton, polyester and shiny fabric options.
Creative approach to every project

A pair of socks is an accompanist for our daily lives without doubt. It matters all the time, even cheering our mood up with a fun design or saving us from feeling uncomfortable for all day long standing. The socks can change the direction of your sport life or the direction of the meeting you presented.

A good design and a silky touch on a scarf can make a huge difference on you. The more you feel good, the bigger things you achieve.

As a human, we know, every surface we touch makes us feel like something
unique. We believe the power of textures that creates a smile, brings relief
or satisfied memories in minds.

Knitted every day, changed every day.

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